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Goodbye to a dear friend...


A couple of years ago my two "girls" passed away, six months apart.  They were Bitsy and Gidget, tea cup Yorkies that were my constant companions and the light of my life.

It started out that when I first talked to the breeder and put down my deposit, I was getting a companion for my mother, but she passed away the day after the "girls" were born.  My sister and I debated about getting the puppy I had put a deposit on and then she decided she wanted one too.  So I contacted the breeder, and found out that of the 4 puppies born only two survived, both girls.  So I sent another deposit and they were ours.  We had to wait 4 months to pick them up because of their size, and the breeder wanted to be sure they would survive, but the instant we saw them we fell in love.  At the time I lived with my sister, but when I moved out we made the decision not to separate the "girls" because even short periods of time apart would send them into a depression.  So the "girls" came to live with me and they were truly my every joy. 

Bitsy,my sister's puppy, was a fearless 2 pounds at her heaviest and Gidget, my baby, was a laid back 4 pounds that never seemed to let her domineering sister get to her.  It was funny when we first brought them home we were always getting their names confused:  Bitsy would become "Gitsy" and Gidget would be "Bidget", it was amazing they actually learned their names-cause I swear we got them confused more than we got them right!!!  They were very special and remain in my heart to this day.

Well when I was first introduced to WoW, after they had passed away, and saw the little gnomes, the first thing I wanted to do when I rolled a character on my own was to roll a gnome.  Now I didn't know that much about the different classes and I thought I could imitate my sister's little warrior gnome, Angelgrace.  Of course I wanted to name my little warrior after my girls, but unfortunately the server we played on already had a Bitsy, a Gidget, and a Bidget, so I rolled a little gnome warrior I named "Gitsy", to honor both of them.

Unfortunately it was a continuous struggle for me to level her.  I got her to 30 and she sat literally for months, the only time I logged in to her would be during holiday events and then I would just do the minimum with her.  I just couldn't get the hang of playing her.  I even went so far at one point as to roll another warrior on a completely different server and tried to get the "feel" of the class, but it didn't help.

For months I have played around with the idea of deleting her, but every time I would come close, I just couldn't do it...she was just so darn cute and had become a kind of link for me to the "girls" memory.

Then a couple of weeks ago I played around with rolling another character in my last slot, a gnome warlock.  I tried name after name and all I could think of was Gidget, but the name was still unavailable.  So I tried "Gídget", with the little mark above the "i" instead of a dot, and the name took!  I was headed to my sister's for "our" day and when I got there, I convinced her to roll a "Bítsy" (rogue) and we are having a blast playing our "girls" every chance we can.

Unfortunately I really couldn't see keeping Gitsy.  I knew I would never play her, so with my sister watching I went through and mailed all her stuff to other characters and got her on top of the fountain in Stormwind, and had her waving as I signed off for the last time.  I didn't twinge or anything until today...I found a screen shot of Gitsy that was one of my favorites and now I miss her and with that ache is the never ending ache I feel for my "girls".

Goodbye Gitsy, may you have clear skies ahead....


Outland and Beyond....

I brought a souvenir home from my vacation--FLU! 
And since Swine Flu has been verified at the school where my niece and nephew attend
I have been told not to come back to work until the fever is gone!  URRR!
Guess I will attempt to update....

Well it has become fairly obvious that while I still adore Trylana, Myzee is now my main character.  She has gone from 58 to 72 (almost 73--99% there!) in the last 10 weeks, which for me is rather quickly.  She has earned several Achievements and deserves to have them chronicled.....

To begin with she struggled through Hellfire doing her best to remember where she was to go and what she was to do.  Considering how confusing Hellfire was, she was rather surprsed when she dinged 60! (This was before Patch 3.2 when you had to be 60 to get Epic mounts)

Of course this meant she had to run off and get her epic Charger and of course learn the Zephra she earned from the RAF...

Fast and FuriousCollapse )

The Zephra Mount got her the Achievement: Friends in High Places!
Friends in High PlacesCollapse )
So she returned to Hellfire and in the course of completing quests and leveling found herself in Zangermarsh.  Myzee really enjoyed Zangermarsh and probably completed the majority of those quests while there (will check later to see what is left!).
Then patch 3.2 hit!
                                                                                   Flying Mount!

Fast and FuriousCollapse )First Flying MountCollapse )

It wasn't long till Myzee was ready for Northrend, where she re-teamed with her questing buddy, a Night Elf Druid, Mumzy, and between the two they are now at 72-73.  As a matter of fact  last week (while visiting my sister/Mumzy) we were running around questing, her son, Skittlz suddenly joins us in group and they start talking back and forth about being ready for Nexus, and then two more join our group.  Now you have to understand when questing with Mumzy, Myzee pretty much follows.  My sister has two 80's, several 70-somethings and a variety of other alts, she knows the game and I don't.  I'm learning but I really enjoy when she "drags" me around behind her cause it takes alot less time and goes really fast (she thinks I'm not learning but really I am and I put into practice what I learn when I am by myself)

Next thing I know we are headed into a 5 man instance and Myzee has to participate-not run through!  I start freaking out.  What do I do?  Where do I go?  What if I fuck up?  Don't worry! I'm told.  So I take a deep breath and here we go....

Nexus 1Collapse )Nexus 2Collapse )
Nexus 3Collapse )Nexus 4Collapse )

It was actually pretty fun.  Our group consisted of Myzee (dps-never done it before and shaking in her boots!), Mumzy (dps-aka our guild leader on an alt), Skittlz (healer-Mumzy's son on an alt), and 2 pugs we picked up.  We were lucky because the two pugs we picked up were really good natured and a blast to run with.  We wiped like 3-4 times before or on the first boss (don't ask me--they told me to stay with the tank, let him get aggro then KILL!  So I did!  I had never been there knew nothing about the fight-had no idea what was what! lol)  and wiped several more times.  We lost our tank half way through so Mumzy changes to her healing gear/spec,  her son slaps Skitz on follow (Mumzy), jumps on his 80 warrior (they have like 2-3 accounts!) and we finished with no problems.  For a first time it was fun and really helped alleviate those "oh crap I have to do what?"  fears.

The next day Mumzy and Myzee are questing in Fordragon Hold and Mumzy says "We have to go down there" pointing off a very high ledge. "You jump and I'll fly down.  If you die I'll rezz you"  So I jump and...

Going DownCollapse )

OUCH!  That hurt!
So anyways that's about it for now, next time maybe I'll write about how my sissy got herself another chicken when her back was turned!

The Journey to Outland

The Climb
   ------Miley Cyrus
I can almost see it
That dream I’m dreaming but
There’s a voice inside my head sayin,
You’ll never reach it,
Every step I’m taking,
Every move I make feels
Lost with no direction
My faith is shaking but I
Got to keep trying
Got to keep my head held high
There’s always going to be another mountain
I’m always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,
Sometimes I'm going to have to lose,
Ain’t about how fast I get there,
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb
The struggles I’m facing,
The chances I’m taking
Sometimes they might knock me down but
No I’m not breaking
I may not know it
But these are the moments that
I’m going to remember most yeah
Just got to keep going
And I,
I got to be strong
Just keep pushing on,
There’s always going to be another mountain
I’m always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,
Sometimes I'm going to have to lose,
Ain’t about how fast I get there,
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb
There’s always going to be another mountain
I’m always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,
Somebody's you're going to have to lose,
Ain’t about how fast I get there,
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb

Keep on moving
Keep climbing
Keep the faith baby
It’s all about
It’s all about
The climb
Keep the faith
Keep your faith
Whoaaa Ohwaoooh

What goes around, comes around....

Oh I was a bad girl this weekend!  Heh heh-and no remorse at all.

As I have mentioned, most of my family are avid WoW players (and they have an obsession with giving me chickens).  They primarily play Alliance and honestly have felt little or no urge to play Horde side.  Well I got an an itch to walk on the dark side of life on Azeroth.  So I rolled a little Blood Elf Hunter named Whoopz.  She has been a lot of fun and finally this weekend got to level 30 and her rather large purple bird mount. 
Whoopz and her big purple chickenCollapse )

Well Diane and Jennifer decided to roll Hordies a while ago and even are part of my little guild: Oopz!  I don't know if it was cause I was going so quickly with her or just curiosity but its great having them there.

Now I take my responsibilities seriously as guild leader and make sure there are plenty of things for the lower levels in the bank and money and this weekend I had the opportunity to help Diane level her Blood Elf Pally. Which is when I dinged!Collapse
 )  Now toward the end of the evening Diane had to go finish cooking dinner and made the mistake of leaving my with control of her little innocent pally! (I was supposed to just get us to a safe spot-Heh heh).  Anyone guess were this is leading?

Yea we made a side trip to Brill and Jynxee is now the proud parent/owner of a Westfall Chicken!!
The one with her eyes closed is Jynxee..rather resigned don't ya think! lolCollapse )

Now is that dedication to my guild leader responsibilities or what! 


The Birth of a New Main

I'm not sure when it happened, or even how it happened, but I think I have found a class that I am absolutely in love with.

When I started playing in May 2008, my sister sat me down and quizzed me about what type of character I wanted to be.  I have always been fascinated with magic and mages in the novels I have read and thought I had a good grasp of what the mechanics behind a characters actions would be.  Which actually I do with the mages, I understand fully how and why spells and the overall feeling of being that character fits-but....they die alot!  I got used to it but it made leveling those types slow for the soloist.

I'm always playing "catch up" with my characters-mainly because I don't have the same amount of time to play as everyone else in my family nor have I been playing nearly as long.  I guess I had been playing about 6 months and was visiting my family and my sister, youngest nephew, and I wanted to play together.  Well we didn't have any characters that meshed or were close enough in levels to make a good group so we all rolled new humans on Silvermoon.  Diane rolled a mage, Myzery, Wes a warrior (I think-since he only lasted that one time with us! lol), Myster, and myself a Paladin, Myzee.  Now up to that point I had only really played casters (my little warrior sat for months alone and forgotten because I just couldn't get the hang of up close and personal!).  I really didn't want to roll a paladin-I wanted a mage or warlock-or priest!  But Diane said It had to be something I didn't have so I could get the feel for a different class.

We played these together until Wrath when Diane wanted to re-roll Myzery as a DK.  I told her that was fine, cause by then I had finally gotten some of my other characters up to were we could team together and I didn't need Myzee anymore.  Well she convinced me not to delete her, but to just keep her around "just in case I changed my mind."

So I got Trylana to 60, Rolled my own DK, and started working on a couple of my favorites to at least 30.  I figured that since I had invested so much into each of these characters it was time to really learn how to play them.  Venatrix (Nelf-Hunter) and Sacerdos (Draenei-Priest) weren't hard, as a matter of fact they were well on their way to their 40's.  While leveling these two, I decided my goal was to get all my characters to at least 30!   Gitsy (gnome-warrior) was harder cause I really couldn't get the hang of her class, but I only lacked a couple of levels for her and I finally made it and got her to 30 and her mount (she's really, really, cute!).  That left  Myzee on Silvermoon.  Instead of playing her, I jumped over to Kul Tiras and got those few characters to 30+ (even my shaman whom I really do not like! I just don't get it! lol)

As I've stated before I start feeling guilty when any of my toons start to be neglected and Myzee was just haunting me.  She was a lowly 15-16 and really I wasn't looking forward to leveling her.  It had been confusing before on her moves and I hadn't quite understood.  But with changes made in Wrath and after she sudenly made sense and playing her was an absolute joy!  She has gone from 15-16 to 53 Ding Shot HereCollapse
 ).  Diane and I have been playing alot together in the last month and a half and that was probably what pushed her from 40 to 50, but the 30+ levels before that were pretty much me and I loved every minute of it (well there was one stretch were she was actually too low for the quests she had because she whizzed through the quests so quickly-but we persevered!)  I really feel she will become my new main.  I'm even actually looking forward to Outland with her-where with Trylana I absolutely hate it!!!

I have been playing with the idea of role playing ever since I started playing but I could never think of a story for any character either already existing or new.  I also wanted a place to tell the story as it developed and had no idea were i could do that.  Well I introduced Diane and Jennifer to wow_ladies and Jenn and I talked about role playing on Wrymrest Accord.  She's very talented in creating stories and backgrounds and came up with one for a Night Elf Druid, which she promptly rolled and created a livejournal for.  Duh!  Why hadn't I thought of that??? 

As I played Myzee the beginnings of a story began to formulate in my mind: 

Myzee and Myzery had been childhood friends/maybe sisters, they were sent to Stormwind to train in their respective callings, the Scourge came and Myzery was killed and taken into the service of the Lich King.  Myzee injured and guilt ridden over Myzery's death (she didn't know about the Lich king part yet) plummeted into a deep depression, from which she is only now recovering and is driven to fight the evil of the world and help those in need.

Now because Myzee is on Silvermoon, which is a PVE server, it would really be a waste of time to flesh this story out--but for someone like me who has a serious case of alt-itis it was no problem to roll another human pally on Wyrmrest Accord and give her this story.  And so Sarah Alyce Benson was born.

Her journey can be found here:


My First Title!

I'm really happy tonight cause Trylana got her first title!  It took about 2 hours standing at the portal site for Horde in Shat to get bunny ears on all the required races but finally:

First TitleCollapse )     TitleCollapse )

It was so satisfying, every other holiday
achievement that I have tried I have always come up just a bit short of obtaining it.  So thank you Jennifer for helping me get the Hard boiled egg and Blushing Bride portions and thankee to Diane for all the insights in HOW to get it done!  I hope you realize I can't do it without you! 



Not long after I got my own account I was visiting with Diane and the kids and we were playing.  All was peaceful.  Till Diane asked to borrow my computer.  Now I was playing my main, Trylana and she had just made it into Westfall--a whole new zone with new adventures and new enemies to fear!  Hehehe..if I only knew then what I know now..Westfall is a breeze...Outland is the new pain of my life.

Anyways...she's got my computer and her youngest son Wesley has his head next to hers and they're whispering and giggling about something.  Now I figured I'd get my computer back and Trylana would be naked on top of a building or some other silly thing.  No it was worse, way worse...oh the agony, the deprivation they instilled upon me!

Instead I get handed the computer, I look at my character and what is sitting at her feet! Oh Dear God NO!  A CHICKEN!!!!!  But I hate chickens!  I loathe chickens!!!! And Trylana's very first pet is a "Westfall Chicken"!!!!! ERRRRRR!
So for my first pet in WOW to be a chicken is probably quite appropriate.  When Lich King came out and we were able to have more pets AND earn an achievement for them--ALL my characters got the "Westfall Chicken" and the Anacona chicken!  With last weeks patch we are now able to get a "Westfall Chicken" on Horde side in a little town called Brill (umm anyone else think that's a little weird?  Why is it still the "Westfall Chicken" and not say maybe the "BRILL" chicken?????)  So last weekend my poor little Hordies went through the humiliating act of following one of the chickens in Brill around, clucking and flapping their arms like they had suddenly lost their minds (BTW anyone else notice there are only 2 chickens in Brill?)

The Ookies

So yesterday was patch day and all my addons are messed up and I don't feel up to trying to fix them so the story continues.....

So here I was with quite a few characters all leveling at the same pace, doing the same quests over and over.  It was pretty slow going, mainly cause of my connection issues (I disconnect ALOT! lol)  Now my neice, Jenn, had started playing (after much protesting I might add) not long before I did.  As matter of fact I beleive she was probably one of the ringleaders in the hijacking and installation of the game on my computer! (Hm...conspiracy theories anyone?)  So she's barreling along, learning the game with extreme ease (*jealousy*) and leveling her characters with ease.
At some point Jenn rolls a human paladin on Kul Tiras and Diane (my sister-her mother) rolls a night elf rogue, Snooki.  Now whether it was to play together I really don't remember, but I do remember that when Diane told me about her rogue I thought hey why not!  (Diane was still encouraging me to try all the combinations and that was one I had stayed away from.  Melee classes just scared the crap out of me.  I like to do my killing from a distance--up close and personal wasn't my style at that time).  So I decided to roll a night elf rogue too, Pooky (I really didn't figure I would ever play her but hey you never know).

So one weekend we were playing and Jenn joined us with her pally and OMG!  Two rogues and a paladin kick serious ASS!  We just breezed through the quests.  I don't remember how many levels we cleared but it was significant.  It soon became a weekly thing for us to play those three every saturday night when I was there.  Jenn finally (after many upsets) got her laptop and one of the first things she did was download WOW.  She then decided she needed her own account, so her and I did the RAF (Thanky Jenn for my mount!).  We didn't have a whole lot of success with the triple experience thing cause between my not being there to play ( I refuse to group with anyone when I am at home--its unfair to the person I group with cause I can be kicked off without notice and might not even be able to get back on) and her needing to study and obligations at church on the weekends, we were generally regulated to playing on sunday afternoons right before I had to leave to go home.

Of course though saturday nights were the nights for us to play the two rogues and the paladin.  And we had so much fun. 
(It was also during these times that I really started to notice just how awesome paladins are, between watching Jenn with hers and then rolling one of my own, Paladins have become my new favorite class to play). Diane and I would make a pally sandwich every time she had to mana up (one guarding her front one guarding her back) and then there were the jumping contests.  Night elves will flip when they are running and jump, so Diane and I would be running along and jumping counting our flips out loud.  Poor Jenn, the wittle human doesn't flip, she could only jump.  It would sound something like this:
   Diane  "One...Two...Three...DAMN!"
Me  "One...Two...SHIT!"
Jenn "FUCK...FUCK...FUCK!"

At some point someone (no idea who) made the joke that it would've been really cool if all of our names sounded alike.  The next thing I know Jenn has paid for a name change for her character--"Spookie"!

The Ookies were born--Snooki, Spookie, and Pooky!


A Wandering Soul is born...

Well once I went home and started my own account.  I loved the name Trylana but my mage was on their account and couldn't be transferred.  So I rolled another Trylana on Silvermoon and had them delete the one on their account (Silvermoon because thats were the majority of their toons are and is their favorite server).

So I went a little crazy!  Not only did I have my Draenei Mage but I rolled a Gnome Warrior, a Dwarf Hunter (whom I hated and eventually deleted), a Human Warlock, a Draenei Priest and a Night Elf Hunter, on two servers:  Slivermoon and Kul Tiras.

Now I am a fair minded person and it just didn't seem right to level one and not the others soooo...

The marathon began!

I would level someone to say 10 and move on to the next and level them, but I kept coming back to my mage, she was always ahead of everyone else.  I spent weeks bouncing back and forth between them, getting advice from family members and being told how stupid I was to try to level so many lowbees at one time (the  repetition of quests was a little daunting--but hey I know them now!!!)

Well whenever burnout threatened to over take me I would pop onto Trylana and off we'd go--EXPLORING!  For instance shortly after I got my own account I took her down this road in Westfall, just trotting along, minding my own business, and there on a hill outside of this quaint little town some bioch attacked me!  I was dead before I even knew I was attacked!  So I run back to my body and res and damn if this stupid bird didn't do it again!  Run back again, res and RLH (Run Like Hell) out of there!  [btw--this has become sort of a thng with my family when I quest with them and I get into trouble they'll either type or yell RLH at me]

Did this little foray into adventure stop me?  NO!  The very next time I was on I decided to take the scenic route around Westfall (you know the seashore?)  and I get to the end with this camp of people and get just a bit too close and WHAM!  I'm dead.  Run back, res, RLH and get to the road and head back to the inn.

Now I'm learning, I'm learning!  People with a higher level than you are NOT your friends (lol).  So I decide to take the direction in the fork of the road leading out of Westfall (the one that goes over the bridge?)  yea your right I shoulda stayed in bed--this time a spider got me as I came off the bridge.

Now these where just the beginnings--I can't help it!  Every time I'm following a road or path and it forks, if I should go right, I will go left just to see what is around the bend!   I have found dragons, and orcs and all sorts of things that way--course I also die--alot!  But hey I wear cloth!

Now I made the mistake of telling my sister, who is also our Guild Leader, about my exploring, so she created a special rank just for my toons--

Wandering Soul!


The Beginning...

    You know if someone had told me a couple of years back that I would be playing a game like WOW (World of Warcraft-for those that may not know! lol) I probably would have told them they where crazy!  But here I am nearly one year into playing and FINALLY level 60 and enjoying every minute!!!

    It started with WOW classic when my nephew Jut bought this stupid game and kept raving about how much fun it was.  Then my youngest nephew (I have 3 and 2 nieces!) Wes got sucked in and the two of them kept on and on about it.  So I listened, sometimes watched, but kept my distance (one reason was because I didn't have a computer or internet access...so what was the point! lol).  Then Burning Crusade came out and my sister, Diane, allowed her two sons to convince her to roll a character, Angelgrace of Silvermoon.  Now whenever I would visit I would listen to the three of them talk about WOW and what their characters where currently doing and what was involved, etc....   But the problem was Angel was sooooo cute!!!  She's a gnome warrior who is just awesome!  She could actually woop the crap out of creatures three times her size and just soooooo cute!!!!! And I secretly wanted one!!!!!
   Then they decided that I would enjoy the game and started telling me everything about the different races and classes and zones and etc....etc...etc...  But since I  didn't have a computer of my own and "computer time" was at a premium at my sister's I was able to put them off........until last May.

     A really good friend of mine sold me his old laptop and I made the mistake of taking it with me when I went to visit!   Well Jut "stole" my computer and installed WOW while Diane and I were gone!!!!!!!

     When we got home nothing would stop them from "forcing" me to create my first character on one of their accounts (oh yea  did I mention they had at that time two accounts and now 4???) on Kul Tiras.

     Thus Trylana of Kul Tiras was born and I spent the rest of my vacation playing her (about three days).  And I was HOOKED!  Now I had a problem...they were more than willing to let me use their accounts but only if no one else was on.  Now since I'm not the kind to really want to wait for permission, when I got home,  I went out and got my own account!

    Speaking of which...Time to Play!!!